About us

"Gutsaga&Company" - a consulting firm, helping commercial companies to identify and build decisive competitive edge.

We do operate using advanced management tools in the field of logistics, sales, marketing and assist companies in rapid and systematic growth.

For more than six years of implementations in different areas we have created integrated solutions for the two industries:
  • Pharmaceuticals:
    • Distribution and Retails Pharmacy Chains:The solution is implemented in Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova in the five pharmacy chains and 7 distribution companies. 
      • More than 1300 pharmacies daily use our algorithms.
      • Average sales increase 20% and more.
      • Inventory turns imporvement: up to 12-24 days.
    • Production: The solution has been implemented in the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in India and Japan.
  • Beer: The solution allowed our customer to increase the market share by more than 5% during one year, in two different countries of the former Soviet Union. Inventories of finished goods decreased by more than 40%. Sales in the different countries grew up to 68%.
  • Mass Production: Production and sales of consumer goods. The core conflict between sales forecasting and production planning and execution has been solved. This enables companies to control sales at distributors and retail chains, so that the perfect availability is coupled with minimum inventory levels.

Tools we use:

  • Symphony tools - a set of software modules to facilitate the introduction of mechanisms of pull distribution system. Provides improved availability of goods while significantly lower the inventories. Ensures transparency and reliability of key business processes to a better performance, that affect the overall company results.
  • Lean Manufacturing. Lean principles come from the Japanese manufacturing industry. For many, Lean is the set of "tools" that assist in the identification and steady elimination of waste (muda). As waste is eliminated quality improves while production time and cost are reduced. Examples of such "tools" are Value Stream Mapping, Five S, Kanban (pull systems), and poka-yoke (error-proofing)..

The combined use of these tools allows to significantly improv results in comparison with the usage of each of them separately.