Success Stories

Pharmaceutical distributor Becor and pharmacy chain Elody (2010-2011)

Sales growth on central warehouse 16%;

Overstocking Inventory redude: 20%;

Growth sales in pharmacy chain: 47%;

Total business growth for Becor and Pharmacy chain: 22.5% in one year with no additional investments.

Sales growth in connected pharmacies: from 5 to 70%

Without additional investments to the business - amount of pharmacies in the chain grown from 17 to 47 pharmacies;

Inventory reduce in pharmacies by 31%;

Created partnership with independent pharmacies, where the goods are given on consigment .

Efes Vitanta (2009)

Freshness improve from 1.5 - 2 months on the shelves to one month average;

Reduce finished goods: not less then 40%;

Inventory turns improve at tidtributors and central warehouse;

Developed strategy for quick growth using few marketing tools:

 The fresh beer concept was offered, which was used to promote the beer and show disadvantage of the competitor;

Sanin (2010-2011)

Implementation to distribution and production of polyethilene;

Availability improve for produced SKU's.