Production, Distribution and Retail pharmacy - is one of the most highly competitive markets with great potential for growth. Markets are rapidly consolidating, retailers are trying all means to control the market and ensure a future sale. Companies that can afford to work:

  • with minimal inventories in storage,
  • having a better availability,
  • reacting quickly to market demand,
  • having a transparent and trouble-free system of stock control,
  • harmoniously synchronizing between departments,
  • with less cost in the fixed and variable costs
  • building long-term and loyal relationships with customers

- are long-term LEADERS market.

The results of the implementation with Symphony:

retail / online pharmacies

  • Solution implemented in Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova in the five networks of pharmacies.
  • Reducing
  • extra money in stocks - 20%
  • Reducing losses due to lack of sales of goods by 50%;
  • Increase sales up to 50%;
  • Reduce costs at the pharmacy,
  • Best and most experienced pharmacists are exempt from routine and engage in the sale of goods;
  • Created franchize for independent pharmacies;

a distribution warehouse

  • In the CIS countries have introduced Symphony 3 distributors in Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova;
  • Reducing extra money in inventory by 20%;
  • Increased sales due to the presence of 20%;
  • Improving turnover of 1.5 times;
  • Stabilization of cash flow;
  • Excluding sale losses associated with delay in payments;
  • A clear measurements system for all departments;
  • A system to sale franchize;


Introduced in the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in India and Japan:

Dr. Reddy's (India) - for the last 3 years of growth in the value of shares of $ 7 to $ 33 per share. Reduced production time and the amount of inventory in the system and simultaneously increase sales.

Omron (Japan) - Manufacturer of medical equipment

  • Production lead time reduced from 13 weeks to 1 week
  • Inventory levels reduced by 56%
  • Availability of goods improved
  • Increase productivity by 60%