Free Express Diagnostics

Express Diagnostics - the initial assessment of the existing environment interaction in the company's supply chain from suppliers to end customer. Identification of sales patterns, specific market problems and provision of a clear understanding of direction to solution, supply chain strategy and tactics building using Symphony for a strategic and tactical advantage over competitors.

The analysis is carried out jointly with the client's team with the assistance of Symphony experts. At the completion of visit, expert shows the solution direction and its key elements. This visit mean is preparing a detailed basis for building competitive advantage by using the solution for the appropriate environment with Symphony and other tools.

  • Duration of stay: 2 days at the client's territory.
  • The analysis is being performed by two experts:
    • Symphony Business expert from Gutsaga&Company.
    • Business expert on business environment modeling in Symphony, Inherent Simplicity Baltic (ISB) representative
Topic Content Purpose

Day 1.


G&C and ISB team presentation

Overview presentation of the 2 days visit.

To determine the expected outcome and meetings plan.
Company Tour  Company tour from the stocks of raw materials to finished goods warehouse.  To get acquainted with the physical supply chain. Identify the possible nuances and exceptions.
Personal meetings

 Survey of each responsible person for up to 60 minutes.

 To familiarize with the scheme of work, rules and habits of the current environment, to collect undesirable events. Gathering input data on the issue.
Strategy and Tactics Development  Experts are working to develop strategy and tactics. If necessary, contact the offices of Inherent Simplicity Israel and Eli Schragenheim. (Work in hotel)  To develop strategy and tactics that will create a decisive competitive edge.

Day 2

Preparing the presentation

The experts are preparing the presentation. To prepare the presentation for TOP management. To model the new supply chain management environment in means of Symphony. While presentation to reveal the idea and to show using Symphony how new environment can work.


Demonstrating the presentations to the company's management. Company Manager(s), who is decision maker in company development should be present during the demonstration. To offer the management vision of the possible competitive advantage and what changes should be applied in the company to create it. To show how Symphony can help in competitive advantage creation.
Nexr steps What are the next steps
Working methods of Gustaga&Company and Inherent Simplicity Baltic.
Clear perspective for the next steps – deep analysis through checking and verifying the creation of competitive advantage.
  • The cost of the visit: The visit Gutsaga & Company and the Inherent Simplicity Baltic experts is free of charge. Client’s company covers only the direct costs - a business-class tickets for two consultants and hotel accommodation.
  • Date of visit: Dates of the visit will be adjusted in accordance with the client’s demand. Since the availability of our experts is limited, it is necessary to coordinate the dates well in advance.