Investigation and development for solution and preparation to implementation

The goal is - to create the necessary conditions for successful and effective implementation of the changes in the company (identifying what to change, and what to change to, knowledge transfer, joint decisions development, planning for change).

Regardless of the environment of the company: Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing - each company has its own specific and unique business environment. In the world there is no one panacea for all difficulties. But exists rigid cause and effect logic, and a set of effective techniques for system solutions. For each of these long-term solution for the maximum effect should be fully taken into account all the existing specifics. On the other hand, re-engineering of business processes in companies need to involve all departments, and to demonstrate to them how they can work differently. It meets these goals and the step of cooperation. At the end of this step company clearly understand the value of change, what to change, and short and long term benefits which are thoroughly demonstrated.

Before any complex change, which affects the vital functions of the company we carry out a comprehensive study that answers the following questions:

  • What to change;
  • What to change to;
  • What changes results can be obtained;
  • Assess what resources are needed to change.

After research we carry out the final training of senior management based on the identified issues, and plan the implementation.

What to change

Carefully investigated the business rules in the company, and their impact on the effectiveness of the activities.

To better understand the real situation, we use the Symphony Simulator designed by israely company Inherent Simplicity. This is a software product that allows to simulate all in and out transactions, and the costs within the company for the past period of 18 months.

Within the simulation:

  • Calculate amount of lost margin during the analyzed period, taking into account all the specifics related to seasonality.
  • Identify amount of frozen inventories at different times of the year for each particular SKU and in groups.
  • The effect of the existing business rules, system planning and execution, and information system performance parameters such as turnover, availability, cash flow and others.

What to change to

After a deep analysis of current assumptions to the rules by our expert, we select new efficient rules, that are checked on Symphony simulator on the same past transactions.

What are the results of changes you can get

As a result, the original environment is compared at results with the results of the simulations based on the new rules.

Assess what resources are needed to change .

The study evaluated the internal infrastructure:

  • IT system;
  • Procurement system;
  • Distribution;
  • Internal order management;
  • B2B Sales system.

Training and planning for deployment

After completion of the study, carried out the final training of managers to the new rules and how to cope and to synchronize between the departments.

As a result, for company management can be seen and understood how previous rules lead to the existing results. Like on fingers is seen, what it is necessary to overcome the risks and obstacles in implementation.